Codex Urbanus

CODEX URBANUS is an artist from Paris. From his youngest days, he was drawing on his notebooks and on his meeting notes before attacking walls. Without any a traditional artist’s path, he started with graffiti to quench his creative thirst when he left the working world each day. At night,  that CODEX URBANUS came out to give his creatures life on the Parisian walls.

For the artist, street art is about freedom first and foremost. CODEX URBANUS never plans out his productions. In his style that borders on naive, he draws without technique and lets his imagination run wild to create a new chimera.

Today, CODEX URBANUS art express itself through many forms, across concrete walls as well as in galleries or exhibits. His beastly style has become an iconic part of the urban art scene in Paris.

icon locationPARIS / FRANCE
icon spraySpray
icon poscaPosca
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