Coming from the south of France, DALAS is now a Parisian artist. Trained as a graphic designer, he also has been doing paintings and illustrations for a long time and his talent naturally led to doing tattoos. He works today across these three styles that he doesn’t like to distinguish because each one is simply an extension of the other.

DALAS uses a comic book style with his own flashes and unique situations to provide a each publication with its own singular difference.

As comfortable using black and white as well as working in color, DALAS also provides known characters, seen and reworked with a sense of humor.

icon locationPARIS / FRANCE
icon spraySpray
icon tattooTattoo
icon brushBrush
Quai 36-Aubervilliers-4 copie
dalas6 copie
Quai 36-Aubervilliers-15 copie


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