From the street to the gallery, NIKODEM came to the scene as a genre-break artist in the urban art scene. After a technical formal training in drawing at Emile Cohl, in Lyon from 1993 to 1996, NIKODEM express a mixture of joyful street graffiti and visual technique.

Discovered for his outlandish universe of bizarre shapes, NIKODEM expresses innate goodness and satire, levity and tension. The ambiguity glides through his works that oscillate between sculpture and painting. No matter what medium, the artist plays with movement and volume.

For several years now, the artist has opened himself up to a more abstract universe and has come on to his area of expertise, which is the street! In the spirit of bringing street art to the masses, NIKODEM adds doses of color with the goal of adding a bit of enchantment to our concrete cities. In modifying the traditional lines and reinventing the urban landscape in his own way, NIKODEM offers passersby the possibility to marvel at the beautiful detour on the side streets.


icon locationGRENOBLE / FRANCE
icon spraySpray
nikodemprez8 copie
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