Sane 2

Born in 1976, SANE2 started drawing from when he was a toddler for hours on end.

He discovered graffiti by accident through his exposure in hip hop culture. For him, it was a breath of fresh air for all the youth seeking a new way to express themselves.

By trying it out on several walls in his city, enticed by the fact that it is forbidden, SANE2 got inspired by the book “SprayCan Art” which was his first look into street art, and from there, in 1997 he decided to dedicate all of his energy to his passion for urban art.

Since this time, the artist has not stopped working. He rolls out his colorful creations, rethinks the alphabet, and gives new life to the letters. He also created the Bandits Crew during a trip to Germany in 2002 becoming a Europe-wide renowned street art.

Empowered by his talent, the artist continues to experiment by testing new techniques and new practices. Today SANE2 is active as a street artist and also known as a higly regarded tattoo artist.

icon locationCAEN / FRANCE
icon spraySpray
icon tattooTattoo
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