Street Artist : Romain Froquet

Romain Froquet

Romain Froquet

Romain Froquet

To experience Romain Froquet’s works is like having an open invitation into the fantasy world of his unique subconscious. Self-taught and passionate about drawing, he experiments with different mediums, free of bias.

That is probably why he is at ease as much in front of an easel as he is painting the walls of desolated and gloomy neighborhoods, or creating installations. Whether his works can be easily seen or not, Romain Froquet likes to express himself, sometimes choosing obscure urban areas to paint delicate tree-like images, bringing color and joy to otherwise dismal backgrounds.

Romain Froquet’s work is a combination of complexities. The constant desire to want to reconcile the abstract with the figurative pushes him towards a somewhat surreal state of mind, where the completion of the artwork is no longer the sole objective but rather the impetus for a higher purpose. This latest movement, which has prompted his quest, has become the lifeboat, consistently transporting him to new horizons.




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