Street Artist : Yolart




After having studied animation and visual arts at the National Film School in Lodz, the Polish artist Yolart, quickly turned to street art, leaving her mark in the streets of Paris and Brighton.

Quickly realizing that the larger the scale, the greater the impact of her pieces, Yolart used her art, with its diverse inspirations, to bypass borders and speak to people of diverse origins and social class.

Her visuals build upon the icons of classic painting, with a touch of modernity.

With public spaces as the artist’s backdrop, it is impossible to not be socially engaged. That is why Yolart believes that artists can no longer create art devoid of meaning, simply based on aesthetics, and only serving as advertising stunts. Street art should reflect what happens in the streets, and in society. That being said, Yolart also believes that serious topics such as racism, homophobia and ageism can be addressed in an entertaining and humorous ways.

Yolart creates large collages of models she has photographed, which she then prints on blue paper and sticks on walls.

Yolart keeps fragmented parts of original paintings in order to create a dialogue between the original painting, and her interpretation. When looking for a place to house her collages, she chooses abandoned buildings, which possess their own unique feel which then becomes an integral part of her work, with her visuals in turn adding an organic element to the urban landscape.

Art Residency - Gare du Nord

Art Residency - Gare du Nord




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