Max Tetar

Bathed in the artistic universe from his youngest days, TETAR is a Parisian artist. However, his first tags where on the walls of the streets of Toulouse where he spent his youth.

Highly perfectionist, TETAR prefers to be called an artisan than an artist.

With This artist who is highly concerned about the quality of his work, and doesn’t wish to work emotion nor convey a social message in his productions, but despite himself touches the unconscious of all of his observers.

Known for his “automatic writing,” TETAR is recognized for his precision and remarkable aesthetic details. Made with inventive patterns, worked and assiduously reworked, he offers a place that appears as giant labyrinth where one can go to get away from it all.

Creating his works in an unconscious manner, TETAR makes his observers navigate his patterns with a lot of freedom and happiness in the open spaces of his very structured art.

His concept is  without limits and undisputed mastery, seems more like organized disaster reflecting an intellectual rational exercise that was executed without aforethought.

icon locationPARIS / FRANCE
icon poscaPosca
icon spraySpray
icon brushBrush
tetarmax copie


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