Djamel Oulkadi

True graphic researcher, the artist DJAMEL OULKADI opens his work up in a way that is all his own. A mix between arab muslim abstraction, he solicits through his art the travel into a labyrinth that he is discovering even himself little by little.

His geographic trails are rhymic mixes of beats and pauses like music with colorful notes with numerous details throughout his work.

Amongst his mastery of the layering on flat surfaces and twisted traces that come to together to create shapes creating a patchwork effect that is ornate and explosive.

DJAMEL OULKADI, came to the scene with “anything is possible” his bloody works, powerful and colorful a the same time that came to contradict the black, gray and white canvases once airy, cold and frozen.

icon locationBRUXELLES / BELGIUM
icon spraySpray
icon poscaPosca
13416851_1021235077931057_6379905997830218952_o copie


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