Lyon-borned BRUSK is a well rounded artist that has developed his creativity by mixing numerous techniques. After receiving his degree from the Ecole des Beaux Arts of Saint-Etienne, the artist broke on to the scene with his unique use of materials.

His originality allows him to create works that are as figurative as they are abstract by mixing realism with graphic effects.  He joined the CREW DA MENTAL VAPORZ by creating an alliance between calligraphy, characters and production with 3D elements that create volume and bring a unique style.

For each of his materials with his different artistic influences whether it is photography, comics or movies, the artist relies on his the subtle game of space in playing with the emptiness or the superposing of surfaces.

Brusk is developing his work not only on the streets but also on fabrics, furniture design or packaging to transmit his alchemic influence in multimedia projects.

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