Brusk, born in Lyon in 1976, most likely came into the world with a pencil in his hand, and could probably draw before he could walk. Consequently he drew over everything he could find, from his notebooks to tables and the walls of his school, until one day in 1991, he discovered hip hop culture and graffiti. From then on the city became his playground as he looked for new media he could use to express his creativity. Highways, railroads, trains, vacant lots, abandoned fields, desecrated churches were all acceptable surfaces worthy of being a vessel for his delusional visual universe made up of typographic twists, explosive abstractions, and hyper-realistic characters and scenes of urban riots.

Brusk earned his degree from the Fine Arts school of St Etienne, however, his reputation inevitably surpassed the Rhône Alpes region, thanks to his ability to paint or draw whatever object placed in front of him. His days at art school proved very beneficial, allowing him to explore various artistic practices, which he mastered with ease, from graphic design to light graffiti, to sculpture, as well as the installation and production of stop motion films.

In 2006, Bom.k, Iso and Kan, invited him to join their collective Da Mental Vaporz and together they embarked on a European conquest and later the world, alongside Dran, Gris1, Jaw, Blo and Lek & Sowat, with whom the walls got even bigger and their collective exhibitions became even more ambitious. Although he’s still traveling nonstop, Brusk also finds studio time for more intimate paintings, which mix research of forms and experiments with different materials and his pictorial obsessions.

Our creations with Brusk

Gare de Lyon

Gare de Lyon

Le Cyklop, Brusk

Gare de Lyon, 75012 Paris

Paris 2016