A key figure in the graffiti and street art scene since 1988, the artist Nasty quickly made a name for himself in the city by covering subway trains with colorful murals until the mid-90s.

He has since established himself as the model of a generation and his work has received extensive media coverage. Subsequently, his passage through the galleries has generated a lot of enthusiasm thanks to the unique and original supports he uses: the enamelled plates of the RATP, his metro maps or the ceramics that cover his corridors.

Several French and international institutions, including the Fondation Cartier, the Grand Palais and the Musée en Herbe, have also put his work on display. Major brands have also called upon his talents: Annick Goutal, Coca Cola, Monoprix, 1664, BNP Paribas, Universal Music or more recently Clarins.

His career since 1988 has been retraced in a book published by Alternatives " Nasty & Slice, Artistes en cavale " and the Arte channel devoted a 26-minute report to him in " l'Art et la Manière " in 2009.

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Photo : Nasty