Quai 36 is the first French art production house, known for having transformed the Gare du Nord in Paris into an artistic residence in 2015.

Our expertise consists of providing original artistic responses to the challenges of contemporary urban space, re-enchanting the daily lives of users and residents through the installation of ephemeral and permanent works, as well as transmitting a cultural experience to as many people as possible.

The projects we develop allow everyone to better appropriate the public space by creating a social dialogue through art. The intervention of our artists has a direct impact on the perception of the infrastructures that shape daily life by their users : we are convinced that artistic creation is essential for better living together.

Quai 36 has thus developed over the years an expertise that is sufficiently precise to produce turnkey projects : from the selection of artists to technical production, including mediation and dissemination.

Projects management

Our development team studies our clients' requests in order to better define the territorial and urban planning issues and to translate the project's objectives into an artistic design. Our team works hand in hand with elected officials, institutions, architects, urban planners, builders and property developers. From the study phase to the project management assistance and budgeting, our team translates the challenges of your project into artistic support. 

Artistic Direction

Our development and production teams define a tailor-made artistic direction : depending on the geographical and technical context, Quai 36 proposes a real artistic narrative. Each artistic direction is based on the specificities of the territory and the users who frequent it. We work with French and international artists whose artistic expressions are very varied : muralism, illustration, anamorphosis, hyperrealism, design, sculpture, monumental installation, virtual arts, lighting.


Our production team deploys its expertise from the technical recommendation phase (after a feasibility study) to the delivery of the works, including the preparation of the intervention supports and the coordination of all the trades involved in the project. Depending on the specific nature of the project, we are able to create work supports such as site fences or custom-made modules or to prepare the work surfaces, whether walls, facades or formwork, in order to meet the technical and artistic requirements with great precision. Our field of action also extends to the assembly of self-supporting structures or the creation of works integrated into urban furniture.

Finally, we protect our works of art to ensure their longevity, regardless of where they are exhibited.


The communication team ensures the amplification of the projects and shows the making of art in the city by calling on talented photographers and video artists and by creating dedicated content. Mediation is at the heart of our projects: it is reflected in the team's presence during productions and the creation of temporary and permanent information panels. Quai 36 is at the heart of the territories in which it works and sets up consultations with the inhabitants, participative workshops and meetings with the school public.

The synergy of the Quai 36 teams also includes cultural events.