13 Place de la République

Paris 2023

As part of the marketing of 13 Place de la République, AG Real Estate has called on the production company Quai 36 to assist with the prefiguration of its real estate project. An ephemeral and unprecedented metamorphosis through art, this project will breathe new life into the retail space at the foot of the building before its transformation, and establish its identity at the heart of one of Paris's most important squares.

With Quietude, the artist offers us a score that plays on our senses and perception, using a range of visual rhythms and harmonies. Nothing is representative, like a song without words that draws passers-by into an unexpected contemplative dance. The fine concentric lines function as halftones, allowing us to appreciate a shimmering color experience up close, and to be lulled into an optical whirlwind when we move away from it. The mechanics of this mix of hues, inspired by the artist's research and fascination with color, is known as additive averaging.
In this way, the superimposition of geometric shapes and their colors generates secondary nuances that give a new perspective to the architecture of the site. Inspired by the idea of melodious movement, this tangle of textured volumes recalls the constant flow of users on the Place de la République. Like figures strolling in unison, each of its features moves freely across this monumental urban canvas.

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Photo: © Julie Montel

See the work of artist Momo at 13 Place de la République à Paris.

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