35 MSH

Paris 1er 2023

A site-specific installation on the facade of a Parisian building.



Realization: March 2023

Artwork: digital painting, site-specific installation

Technique: lenticular artworks on dibond, aluminum frame

Production: Mathieu Merlet Briand studio

Installation: Quai 36

The Art Production House Quai 36 and the artist Mathieu Merlet Briand unveil the latest creation in the heart of the Capital.


Located in the heart of Paris, this unique, singular, and lasting artwork captures the gaze of the viewer. Visible from different floors and from all angles, it occupies a central position in the building. Comprising a series of 44 kinetic artworks, these six windows come to life with light and movement. The artist designed it in continuity with the existing architecture, imagining a trompe-l'œil for the façade of this Parisian building. These six windows reveal an abstract fragmentation in shades of blue, creating an impression of digitized sky reflections.

This site-specific artwork was made possible thanks to the meticulous work of rope access technicians who spent 3 days installing the 44 pieces of this installation.


To create his artworks, Mathieu Merlet Briand synthesizes thousands of digital images and data. Through algorithms he develops, recycling processes, and analogies with nature, he shapes flows of information to create tangible materializations. Abstractions, relics, crystallizations, or fragments of the network, his versatile work takes form in sculptures, multimedia installations, and kinetic artworks. The subjects in his work primarily revolve around the intersection of Nature and Technology. He aims to translate our hybrid contemporary reality between the "information age" and the "Anthropocene," while promoting nature to facilitate ecological transition.

Photo: ©Amaury Cibot