Capital 8

Paris 8ème 2023

Capital 8, a contemporary business center in Paris, has enlisted the services of Quai 36, a production house of art, to adorn the construction enclosure situated at the heart of the entrance courtyard.

As part of her artistic approach, Francesca Pasquali explores the relationship between recycling materials and their aesthetic redefinition. By transforming plastic and industrial waste into objects and large installations, she creates artworks that challenge perception and captivate the eye. She invites viewers to reconsider the beauty that can be found in the objects that surround us.

For "Sempreverde," the artist chose to work with PVC in the form of long, shiny, and silky filaments. The material is ingeniously and captivatingly repurposed, while also echoing the site's commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The green color resonates with the presence of plants, creating a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere for passersby. Swaying with the wind, the fringes move in a fluid motion, reminiscent of trees. The material invites the viewer to touch the artwork and interact with it.

The partners

Photo: Julie Montel

This creation is visible at 32 rue Monceau à Paris.

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