Eco-district of Arsenal

Rueil-Malmaison 2022

The city of Rueil-Malmaison and Pitch Immo have enlisted Quai 36 for the creation of a construction hoarding that will accompany the development of the new eco-district of l'Arsenal. By choosing the Brazilian artist Mazza, the city of Rueil-Malmaison and Pitch Immo provide residents with a fresh perspective on the transforming neighborhood. Inspired by the city's greenery policy and the plant selection for the future Line Renaud square, the artist invites passersby to take part in a true floral and poetic stroll. For this project, Mazza employs a hyperrealistic pictorial approach that depicts the local nature. Prior to each of his creations, he collects and photographs flowers to craft an original composition dedicated to his host territory. This artistic urban intervention thus offers Rueillois residents a unique experience in the heart of the city, akin to a unifying narrative around the eco-district Arsenal project.

"I conceived this artwork as a stroll through a floral garden to pay homage to the flowers of the Rueil-Malmaison territory. The green space near the hoarding provided me with multiple pictorial inspirations of metaphorical flowers, so I wanted to echo the richness of this transitional space that will be available to residents. I also sought to capture the harmony between the city, nature, and the citizens who constitute it, in order to celebrate it!" - Mazza

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Photo: © Sylvain Vesco