Œuvre d'art Quai 36

Drouot Space

Paris 18ème 2022

"The Daily Life", the artistic performance by Marta Lapeña in the former auction room of Maison Drouot in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, bridges the gap between the past and the future of this location. Indeed, before the transformation operations of the spaces formerly occupied by the Drouot-Montmartre auction house begin, Sogaris wanted to offer a final tribute to the historical past of the place by inviting Quai 36 to artistically occupy one of the ground floor rooms.

"In this former auction room, I aim to echo the history of the place, where deals were sealed with a hammer. These objects, worn by time; furniture, silver-plated trays, old paintings, and antiques, serve as my models for creating this ephemeral immersive fresco. Through it, I aspire to create a dialogue between the history of this exceptional space and its new identity, its new uses. My artistic performance allows me to work in contact with visitors, who observe the work taking shape throughout the day."

Marta Lapeña

The partner

Œuvre d'art Quai 36
Œuvre d'art Quai 36
Œuvre d'art Quai 36

This artwork is visible at 21 Rue d'Oran, 75018 Paris.

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