François 1er

Paris 2021

Through a skilful interplay of light and shadow, artist Shozy creates a work that splits into a futuristic universe from which emerges a mineral material whose movement seems to propagate out of the support. This visual and optical fresco invites the viewer to come and meet and immerse themselves in the building's transformation.

Like a window opening onto the building's interior, the beige frame of the palisade reveals a mineral world that has suddenly become fluid and animated. This bubbling, evolving material embodies the current mutation of the building's interior spaces as part of the Osmose project. "Liquid abstraction" poetically accompanies passers-by on their daily journeys, drawing the viewer's attention to the interior improvements hidden behind the façade. The building site is transformed before our very eyes, harmoniously blending heritage, modernity and minerality, echoing the real estate project.

The artist

Photo: © Julie Montel