Gare de Champ de Mars

Paris 2018

As part of the 2018 project of development of the parisian station Champ de Mars, Quai 36 intervened with the artist Polar and in collaboration with SNCF Gares & Connexions, in order to offer the almost 30,000 everyday travelers passing through this station, a little escape – at least the time it takes to walk through the tunnel –, rich in color, lively and pleasant to the eye.

Polar, an artist who is constantly reflecting on the interaction between people and their environment, uses geometry in a first time to enjoy the spaces, then adding colors in a second time to propose a world of his own. We find most often in his creations references to nature, especially plant and tropical.

The partner

Photo: © Thomas Siemieniec

This artwork was visible in the Gare du Champ de Mars in Paris.

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