Villanova Icône Residence

Gennevilliers 2018

In May 2018, the Romanian artist Saddo was given control over the 192 m², Villanova Icône worksite by our partners at Legendre and Nexity, in the city of Gennevilliers, while awaiting the new face of their latest project on avenue Gabriel Péri.

The artist drew inspiration from 15th century French tapestries to create this impressive fresco. Saddo’s first work in France consisted of fauna and flora, at times realistic, other times resembling something that may have escaped from an ancient fairytale. A real urban jungle was created in the heart of the city to the great amusement of children and adults alike, as well as locals or those just passing by. The wild nature inspired universe will accompany the two-year long construction of the new eco-district.

The artist



The partners

Photo: © Thomas Siemieniec