La Traversière

Argenteuil 2023

Paris Sud Amenagement has called upon the production house Quai 36 to create a symbolic and ephemeral artwork that announces the transitional phase of the transformation of the La Traversière neighborhood. Through this mural, PariSudam reaffirms its support for artistic and cultural projects in all the initiatives it undertakes, particularly at the La Traversière site, which serves as a laboratory for an emerging neighborhood.

The mural proposed by the artist Blo for the facade of this building is an ode to community and living together in a transformative context. Against a black backdrop, soft and powerful colors intertwine and vibrate to form a captivating image. The colors that adorn the facade are vibrant and contrasting, symbolizing shared energy and vitality. This warm mural presents a positive and encouraging image of the transforming neighborhood, highlighting its residents. Its purpose is to inspire a sense of pride and belonging among the neighborhood's inhabitants and to offer a welcoming message to visitors.

The artist



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Photo: Julie Montel