The old post office of Versailles

Versailles 2022

The botanical world of artist Julien Colombier unfolds within the stairs of the old post office of Versailles, located just a few steps from the Palace. Initiated by the City of Versailles and OGIC, this immersive artwork brings lush nature into an emblematic location in the city, now repurposed as an exhibition space.

The artistic mural "La Grande Floraison" accompanies the journey between the exhibitions "Élément Terre" and "District 2024" and fits within the theme of "Earth and Cities" chosen by François de Mazières, Mayor and General Commissioner of the second edition of the Biennale of Architecture and Landscape of Île-de-France in Versailles.

"As you ascend the stairs, the leaves move as if wild nature is reclaiming its space." - Julien Colombier

The artist's intervention follows the initial exhibition "Réenchanter la Ville" organized by Quai 36, as part of a process to invigorate and enhance the cultural heritage of Versailles.

The partners

Photo: © Pierrick Daul pour la ville de Versailles⁠