Le Vésinet

Le Vésinet 2023

The new Diptyque Residence in Le Vésinet, a real estate project by the Sogeprom group, has enlisted Quai 36 to create an artwork that enhances the parking area of the new complex.

To execute this project, Spanish visual artist Alberto Montes follows a two-step process: first, he paints the artwork by hand and then digitizes it. This artwork establishes continuity with the natural environment in which the real estate complex is situated. The artist's approach blends natural elements and dynamic aspects of the urban landscape, creating a seamless connection with the natural surroundings of the real estate complex.

"My artistic intervention is conceived in harmony with the landscape. The floral and vegetal motifs that form the basis of my proposal resonate with the natural environment of the neighborhood where the real estate project is located. My artistic approach aims to create a transition between the built environment and nature: I aim to gently guide users into the parking area through the presence of my botanical mural. I have chosen soft and soothing colors that will echo the tones of the building. My artwork also references the four seasons both through the motifs and the colors. Thus, it reflects the ecological ambition of the entire real estate project, which has prioritized the use of bio-sourced materials." - Alberto Montes.

Delicate and immersive, it invites residents to contemplation, contributing to a sense of well-being by gently accompanying their comings and goings and enhancing their quality of life.

The partner

Photo: Amaury Cibot

This creation is still visible at Rue de l'Écluse, 78290 Le Vésinet

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