Les Courtilles

Asnières-sur-Seine 2023

The result of a new collaboration between Citallios and Quai 36, this fresco named "Avenir" embodies the vision of the Courtilles revitalization project, which aims to transform this district into a greener, more welcoming space. In this work, nature comes to life with the harmonious presence of flowers, plants, birds and bees at the heart of the urban landscape. Various groups of characters blend harmoniously into this redesigned metropolis, creating an oasis within the city. The word "Avenir" sits majestically, symbolizing the promise of a flourishing future for this district in the midst of transformation. This work is the very first of the artistic creations that will accompany the Courtilles urban renewal project, entrusted to the developer CITALLIOS. Following the transformation of the northern part of Hauts d'Asnières, urban renewal continues here in Les Courtilles.

The artist

The partner

Photo: © Julie Montel