Clagny-Glatigny Neighborhood Community Center

Versailles 2022

For his artwork, the artist Mantra drew inspiration from local flora and fauna species to create this mural, the color tones of which were carefully chosen to harmonize with the Art Deco architecture and ornaments of the Gymnase Richard Mique facing the school of the same name in Versailles:

"On the exterior façade, presented in an illustrated style from left to right: a Gaillardia flower, a Great Tit bird (Parus major), a Hoopoe bird (Upupa epops), and a Clusius Gentian flower (Gentiana clusii). These flowers are reproductions of illustrations by Pierre Joseph Redouté (1759-1840) that I studied during my visits to the Central Library of Versailles."

It is on the premises of the Clagny-Glatigny Neighborhood Community Center that the artist showcases his art. Anticipated for over 40 years, the building was inaugurated on January 28th by François de Mazières in the presence of Sylvie Piganeau, Deputy Mayor in charge of Family Affairs, in the brand-new premises at 10 bis, rue Pierre Lescot. With 400 square meters of space on the ground floor opening onto a garden, this new neighborhood community center will continue to fulfill its role as a generator of solidarity and local life animation, bringing together associations, neighborhood activities, volunteer users, and much more. This initiative is thus part of the broader framework of the cultural policy of the City of Versailles, aimed at supporting emerging or established artists and promoting a high-quality popular culture.

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Photo: © Julie Montel