Saint Leu House

Ermont 2022

The town of Ermont aims to invigorate and enhance its streets. To achieve this goal artistically, Quai 36 collaborates with the city to create mural paintings. Several municipal facades and buildings are transformed into true works of art, providing residents with an original artistic journey in the heart of the city.

For this new mural, Quai 36 invites Swiss artist Onur to creatively transform the house on Route Saint-Leu in Ermont through hyper-realistic artwork. The artist presents a poetic interpretation of Ermont's history and its winemaking and market gardening traditions through a contemplative piece. His use of photosensitive paints brings the artwork to life and showcases his commitment to realism. This mural contributes to the creation of a genuine path guiding users to explore an open-air museum through the Passerelles District, along Route Saint-Leu, and extending to Route de l'Église.

"This house, with its unique shape, is located at the heart of an intersection. It evokes a point of encounter, a gathering place, a marker of the city's territory and past. Through the representation of a still life, I aspire to embody the timeless beauty of a table set in its raw form, inviting to celebrate warm moments with family, friends, and neighbors. The chosen fruits, grapes, and apples, honor Ermont's winemaking and market gardening tradition. Thus, through this artwork, I invite passersby to contemplate the symbols of conviviality, sharing, and tradition that are integral to well-being in Ermont." -

The artist



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Photo: © Julie Montel

This artwork is still visible at 375 Rue Edouard Branly, 95120 Ermont.

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