Student Residence Villanova

Massy 2017

In October 2017, the French artist GoddoG created a 400m² fresco as part of the Contact project in Massy-Palaiseau. In collaboration with Nexity Immobilier Neuf Essonne, Paris Sud Aménagement and Keyden, the artist took over the site where the future student residence, Villanova would be located.

GoddoG’s work can be interpreted on several levels: at a glance you see a composition of colors and geometric shapes. A closer look reveals profiles, architectural references and even traces of calligraphy, echoing the multidisciplinary of the students who will occupy the premises.

This operation was carried out within the framework of the Fraternité Générale (General Fraternity), an association whose aim is to unite citizens around sports and cultural experiences.

The fresco will be on display for about two years at the Place du Grand Ouest and after will be placed in the common area of the building.

The partner

The partners