Moët Hennessy

Paris 2023

Moët Hennessy's creative studio has enlisted Quai 36 to create a mural in their office space. For this new project, Julien Colombier presents "Nil ultra," a powerful and elegant mural that is almost "living," transporting us into a metaverse world. A supernature that reminds us, nurtures creativity, consciousness, and spirit, and contributes to the well-being of the teams.

With this vibrant and colorful botanical mural, the artist draws inspiration from the flora associated with Moët Hennessy's activities. Grapevine and agave leaves intertwine with the artist's iconic tropical plants. This lush nature is elevated by the unprecedented integration of entomic anatomies. Accustomed to using natural elements devoid of fauna, Julien Colombier, for the first time in one of his works, conceals pollinator insects to once again evoke the ecosystem intrinsic to Moët Hennessy's activities.

The partner

Photo: © Julie Montel