Lilo Residence

Puteaux 2022

A botanical mural invites nature into the city of Puteaux.

With a 258 m2 dibond mural created by Julien Colombier, Nexity and Bouygues Construction poetically transform the construction site hoarding of the upcoming Lilo student and young professionals' residence, while emphasizing the ecological aspect at the heart of their project.

"I envisioned this artistic hoarding as a tribute to the city of Puteaux, representing the specificities of its surrounding flora. The rose of Puteaux and the vines stand as symbols of the city's rich history. The dense vegetation echoes the natural spaces, the green initiatives of the municipality, and its 'Ville Fleurie' label. The composition as a whole references the city's coat of arms colors, azure and red enamel, allegories of fidelity, perseverance, and loyalty. Touches of gold and yellow establish a parallel between Puteaux's historical heritage and the elegance of the future residence. For passersby, my work will be like a poetic, colorful, and unprecedented window that prompts us to question our own relationship with nature." - Julien Colombier

The partners

Photo: ©Nicolas Blscak