Bezons 2022

Artist Martin Lyonnet adorns the entrance hall of the "Symbioz" residence in Bezons with a fresco of organic colors. For this work, the artist was inspired by the verdant atmosphere surrounding the real estate project promoted by Care Promotion, and by the outward-looking perspectives offered by the building's entrance.

Through his fresco 10h36, the artist, who works with cutting, collage and assemblage techniques, chooses to highlight natural elements. He uses a palette of organic colors to refer to the sky, light, trees and the earth. In symbiosis with nature, he gives life to a contemporary work of art with dynamic lines and shapes, inviting contemplation and accompanying residents in their daily lives through the seasons.

The creation of an original work of art in a shared space reinforces residents' sense of belonging and attachment to their living environment.

The artist

The partner

Photo: © Julie Montel