The project “Renaissance”

Beauchamp 2021

"Renaissance" is an industrial and artistic project carried out in November 2021, as part of the redevelopment by Vectura Immobilier of the 48 hectares of the former 3M industrial site in the city of Beauchamp, located in the Val-d'Oise region.

In this context, Vectura Immobilier enlisted the art production house Quai 36 for the creation of three monumental and enduring murals within its new business park. Surrounded by a forest soon to be revitalized through the Miyawaki soil enhancement approach, the project intertwines the botanical dimension at the heart of the mineral one. The works of Adèle Renault (Belgium), Mazza (Brazil), and Pastel (Argentina) artistically reflect the richness of the local flora and creatively shape new imaginations through their monumentality. Each artist drew inspiration from floral and vegetal species found in nearby gardens, woods, and forests. These artworks seamlessly blend into the natural environment, providing an unexpected perception.

"Plantasia: Deciduous Forest," the hyper-realistic piece by Belgian artist Adèle Renault, immerses residents in an unexpected vegetal universe as they enter the parking area.

With the mural series "Pollination," Pastel engages in a dialogue between the botanical and mineral worlds, crafting a new fantastical realm.

Mazza's work, "A Garden by the Seine," disrupts the visual perspectives of passersby, offering them an unprecedented experience.

The partner

Photo: © Sylvain Vesco

These works can be seen in the Vectura Immobilier business park in Beauchamp.

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