Artiste Ouvrier

Originally from Caen, Artiste Ouvrier spends his time between his hometown and India, a place that has been a source of much inspiration. Fascinated by Symbolist painters and Pre-Raphaelites since a young age, Artiste Ouvrier uses these two movements and elements of Hindu culture to enrich his patterns.

The use of these stencils gives way to original works of art depicting bodies, muses and portraits.

His style is both realistic and abstract, leaving a lasting effect on anyone who sees it.

Today he is considered the pioneer of stencil art.

Our creations with Artiste Ouvrier

Art Residency - Gare du Nord

Art Residency - Gare du Nord

Artiste Ouvrier, SupaKitch, , SP38, Levalet, Jana & JS, Bebar, Alexandra Arango, Dourone

Gare du Nord, 18 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris

Paris 2015