Dimitris Taxis

Dimitris Trimintzios (known as Taxis), born in 1983 in Szczecin, Poland, currently lives and works in Athens. He started practicing graffiti in 1998 and has worked on various urban surfaces such as walls and trains. A versatile artist, he has also ventured into comic art and won several illustration contests.

In tandem with these projects, he began creating and pasting posters on the streets of Athens and abroad (Berlin, Barcelona, etc.). His "comics" style is renowned worldwide. He addresses social issues such as isolation, human struggles, and individual and societal conflicts.

Our creations with Dimitris Taxis

Fertile island

Fertile island

Fred Battle, Dimitris Taxis

Gare de Rosa Parks, 39 Rue Gaston Tessier, 75019 Paris

Paris 2022


Photo: Julie Montel