Jana & JS

Jana & JS are an artist couple whose works can be found in urban as well as private spaces. Equally inspired by the city and its perpetually mutating architecture as well as by those who occupy those spaces and observe them, the duo paint urban landscapes, from simple details of architecture to portraits mise en abyme, using techniques of transparency, questioning the place of the human being in modern cities. They use stencil techniques, relying exclusively on their photographic work.

Jana from Austria and JS, French, currently live in Salzburg, Austria after having spent several years in Madrid and Paris.

Our creations with Jana & JS

Art Residency - Gare du Nord

Art Residency - Gare du Nord

Artiste Ouvrier, SupaKitch, , SP38, Levalet, Jana & JS, Bebar, Alexandra Arango, Dourone

Gare du Nord, 18 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris

Paris 2015