Jeanne Varaldi

Jeanne Varaldi is a visual artist based in Paris. A graduate of the Urban School of Sciences Po, her approach explores urban transformations. She draws inspiration from the city's interstices, construction zones, as well as participatory place-making and tactical urbanism initiatives to offer a playful interpretation of the city and public space.

Her works delve into the world of construction sites and cartography, which she repurposes, to create installations that capture attention and curiosity. Her approach encourages each individual to reinvest in public space and the future of their territory. Contrary to planned urbanism, her recent works subvert the map, turning it into a tool that narrates the experiences and desires of its inhabitants.

Our creations with Jeanne Varaldi

Urban Week Festival 2022

Urban Week Festival 2022

Agrume, Gilbert1, PichiAvo, Quentin DMR, Add Fuel, David Bruce, Jeanne Varaldi, Marta Lapeña, Mina Hamada & Zosen, Pref ID, Zepha, Lek & Sowat

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Paris La Défense 2020



Photo: Jeanne Varaldi