Luis G. Martins, aka L7matrix, was only 13 years old when he first encountered spray paint. This experience opened the door to many experiments that the artist named L7matrix was about to undertake. While exploring mixtures for his work, Luis tried many techniques and eventually created his unique approach using India ink, varnish, soft pastel, oil pastel and acrylic.

It is not only the technique that L7matrix experimented with. He has also achieved a unique style through his experimentation - namely, he combines highly stylised geometric elements and colour puzzles with the realism achieved through elaborate details. It is exactly this combination of simplicity of colour and free geometry that arouses certain contradictions and even uncomfortable feelings in the viewer.

His paintings are full of movement, such as the theme of birds, the most famous theme in his work. Not to mention the spectres and faces that resemble coloured spirits up to bioluminescent jellyfish. L7Matrix specialises in a unique and striking style that has spread to various parts of the world such as France, where he currently lives, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, the United States, Canada and Australia, among others. His work is all about what he loves and feels, always moving, screaming and exploding in beauty and chaos.

Our creations with L7matrix

City of Melun

City of Melun


7 Rue Saint-Liesne, 77000 Melun

Melun 2021



Photo: L7matrix