Mathieu Persan

Born in 1978, Mathieu Persan is the youngest of a pure mathematicians couple. As a child, he didn't especially visit exhibitions or museums, his eye and sense of beauty later grew stronger with his travels. He is a music lover and had learnt to play the violin, guitar, piano, trumpet, drums and bass on his own. Later, this ability to learn by himself served him for drawing. He had studied advanced mathematics for 2 years and graduated with a DEA in applied mathematics.

Fascinated by the graphic design universe from the 30s to the 60s, he draws an important part of his inspiration from this universe. His retro style and engaged themes have seduced the international press (Le Monde, The Boston Globe, The Tampa Bay Times), publishers (Tana Editions, Rue Fromentin, Didier Jeunesse, Random House NYC), writers and musicians looking for a strong graphic style for their covers. An admirer of genius illustrators such as AM Cassandre, Mathieu Persan also produces series of illustrations. The most recent was produced in Vancouver, highlighting the city's Art Deco heritage. Mathieu's work have had received a beautiful resonance during the confinement, due to his graphic intelligence and commitment.

Our creations with Mathieu Persan


Photo: Mathieu Persan