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Pref is a British artist known for his unique typographic murals and gallery works that explore everyday words and phrases. The linear elements of his work and his growing interest in typography transcend the boundaries of fine arts and graphic art in an energetic and intriguing manner.

His work is highly regarded for its clever examination of how we use and perceive letters. The bending and twisting of letters introduce an element of deciphering, inviting the viewer to unravel the words and meanings from the images.

Our creations with Pref ID

Urban Week Festival 2022

Urban Week Festival 2022

Agrume, Gilbert1, PichiAvo, Quentin DMR, Add Fuel, David Bruce, Jeanne Varaldi, Marta Lapeña, Mina Hamada & Zosen, Pref ID, Zepha, Lek & Sowat

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Paris La Défense 2020



Photo: Pref ID