Alias Roadsworth, Peter Gibson, originally from Toronto, currently lives in Montreal and creates works of art intimately connected to the urban environment.

First and foremost a graffiti artist, Roadsworth later comes to incorporate other artistic techniques over time. With the help of stencils and spray cans, he brings his images to life showcasing his talent on the walls of Montreal. Once everyone adjusts, an apparent complicity between Roadsworth and the city becomes easy to see.

Roadsworth has since moved from painting walls to painting roads and the sidewalks with funny and creative alterations to street crossings: turning them into giant fish, street lines into power chords, and parking spaces into dandelions. 2001 marked the beginning of Roadsworth’s road trips in Montreal, motivated by a desire to bring into question the “car culture”.

Our creations with Roadsworth

Massy Art'lantis

Massy Art'lantis

Roadsworth, Alexandra Arango

Avenue Carnot and Rue Jules Vernes, 91300 Massy

Massy 2018