Sacha Schwarz

Sacha Schwarz is a bicultural artist, born in France and raised in Israël. He came back to Europe to study in the Parisian French National School of Fine Arts, from which he graduated in 1986.

Since 1990, Sacha has chosen to establish his workshop in Parisians Frigos, one of the largest European contemporary creation center. Deeply affected by his dual culture, Sacha loves mixes, cuts-out and contradictions.

His inspirations and influences are various, from the powerful honesty of African tribal arts to the 14th and 15th wonders on golden wooden panels, through Biblical animals of the terrestrial paradise, Rembrandt and El Greco to Bruly Brouabe, Hundertwasser and the New Figuration.

Sacha Schwarz combines multiples techniques, often creating with acrylic paint on wooden panels, he also uses the traditional technique of the gold, cooper or silver leaves. Cut out wooden silhouettes occasionally bring a new depth.

Sacha Schwarz's artworks are visible in France, Europe and USA.

Our creations with Sacha Schwarz


Photo: Sacha Schwarz