Sylvain Perier, also known as SP38, is a French painter born in 1960 in Coutances, Normandy. From his early days, he has been a part of the Free Figuration art movement that started in the 1980s. This international figure of the street art scene, performer and poster artist, has created works all over the world.

In 1985, SP38 took part in the first graffiti and urban art movement in Bondy, just outside Paris, organized by VLP. SP38 spent a lot of time on rue Dénoyez a well-known street in Paris, in the Belleville neighborhood where he could be seen covering the walls with his posters and paintings. You could also find his work hanging in the Frichez-nous la Paix gallery (a play on the French expression “Leave us in peace”), a symbolic place he was very involved in until its closing the summer of 2015.

In 2018, SP38 moved to Berlin where he currently resides but still continues to travel around the world putting up his posters and stickers showcasing his art.

Our creations with SP38

Art Residency - Gare du Nord

Art Residency - Gare du Nord

Artiste Ouvrier, SupaKitch, , SP38, Levalet, Jana & JS, Bebar, Alexandra Arango, Dourone

Gare du Nord, 18 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris

Paris 2015