If mangas and hip hop had a love child, SupaKitch would be it. He has always been passionate about music and drawing and hence found in street art an abundance of instruments he could use to express himself to the fullest.

Completing his first graffiti in 1990, it is around 1994 that the medium becomes the key focus of his life. Under the alias “Ride” he creates the HV Crew. A year later he meets Hazy (photographer and graffiti artist) and Eone (music producer and also graffiti artist), and they collaborate on a project where he combines different techniques (painting, photo and graphic design) with music as their key theme.

A composer of graphic melodies in every sense of the term, he continues to explore his concept “Listen to My Picture” while mastering the art of printed circuit boards. It is a technique that resembles etching techniques of old, which today symbolizes the beginning of progress in the field of electronics. Throughout his work, one can see the contrasting times, bits of nostalgia and technological advances.

Credit: Eric Simon

Our creations with SupaKitch

Art Residency - Gare du Nord

Art Residency - Gare du Nord

Artiste Ouvrier, SupaKitch, , SP38, Levalet, Jana & JS, Bebar, Alexandra Arango, Dourone

Gare du Nord, 18 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris

Paris 2015