Vincent Abadie Hafez, also known as Zepha, is a French artist. Trained in graphic arts, he enriches his practice by dedicating himself to learning traditional calligraphic techniques, particularly focusing on the visual interactions between Eastern and Western styles.

Recognized as one of the pioneers of urban calligraphy, he contributes to the dissemination of a new aesthetic, breaking away from the pictorial forms previously explored in vandal writings. His abstract, methodical, and condensed compositions find their place in the public space through monumental mural works. Gestural expression and the concept of movement are two fundamental pillars of the creative process he concurrently pursues in his studio work.

Our creations with Zepha

Urban Week Festival 2022

Urban Week Festival 2022

Agrume, Gilbert1, PichiAvo, Quentin DMR, Add Fuel, David Bruce, Jeanne Varaldi, Marta Lapeña, Mina Hamada & Zosen, Pref ID, Zepha, Lek & Sowat

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Paris La Défense 2020



Photo: Zepha