Artchipel real estate project

Asnières-sur-Seine 2021

As part of the Artchipel real estate project, Pitch Immo called on the artistic production company Quai 36 to provide poetic support during the construction period.

The artist Julien Colombier was chosen to work on the 78-metre long and 2.5-metre high construction fence. This 195m² surface was used as a "canvas" to create a true ode to nature and the heritage of Asnier. The fresco depicts my thistles from the town's coat of arms, the red roses from the surrounding gardens and a representation of the Seine River that runs through Asnières.

"These elements placed side by side content the history of Asnières and reinforce the anchoring of my work on the territory. Through this pictorial vegetation, I bring back to life the natural symbols that have shaped the city and enhance its image. For passers-by, my work is like a poetic, colourful and original walk, which questions our own perceptions of nature." Julien Colombier

In order to offer this open-air "canvas" to the artist, the Quai 36 teams installed and painted in black the 60 panels that together form the 78-metre long palisade. Julien Colombier then put down his brushes and rollers for 9 days.

The partner

Photo: © Matcha