Gare de l’Est – Château-Landon

Paris 2019

In April 2019 and in partnership with SNCF GARES & CONNEXIONS, the French collective ONOFF realized a 160 square meter mural painting at the entrance Château-Landon of the Parisian Station, Gare de l’Est. Jok and Crapo’s artistic intervention on the wall above the entrance enabled a new valorisation of this space, so far marked by degradation and fly-posting.

The creation designed by the crew is the result of a mix of shapes and colors but is not only the consequence of a pur aesthetic research : the viewer can find elements of the traveling world such as lines reminding of railways and subway tickets.

The artwork will benefit the station’s 100 000 daily travelers (35 million per year). It answers the will to present permanently stations and urban structures as new areas for urban art and more generally to brighten city-dwellers’ daily life.

ONOFF crew is a multidisciplinary and renowned collective of artists, whom evolves on national and international territories, between mural paintings, installations and institutional artistic orders.

The partner

Photo: © Cédric Pierre

This mural artwork is still visible at 151 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin in Paris.

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