Exposition Art Habité I and II

Romainville 2022

Hatchikian Gallery and Quai 36 continue their collaboration with the two-part exhibition "Inhabited Art," presented by the artist Vincent Abadie Hafez, also known as Zepha. Over a period of six months, Zepha unveils his artworks within the Quai 36 exhibition space, providing an opportunity to explore the creations of one of the pioneers of urban calligraphy.

"Art Habité I," the first part of the exhibition, took place from June 18th, 2022, to September 3rd, 2022. It showcased a series of works that deploy the aesthetics of calligraphic lines and forms in simple, nuanced colors.

"Art Habité II" is available to view from October 20th, 2022, to January 7th, 2023. For this second part, Zepha presents a series of his "calligraffitis" with more pronounced density, colored notes, and metallic reflections. Through the vitality of lines, curves, and shapes, the artist offers a blended graphic poetry that transcends cultures.

Vincent Abadie Hafez's work, known as Zepha, draws inspiration from the aesthetics of calligraphic lettering to create a unique visual language that honors the textual memory source. This art becomes a means to transmit the writing of humanity. In an era where language is standardized and tends to become functional, Zepha's calligraphic poetry, featuring visual words, is joyful with multiple meanings, ambiguities, nuances, and a graphic beauty that manifests as a resistance founded on the freedom offered by our shared roots: the art of inhabiting the world.

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Photo: © Julie Montel

This exposition is over.

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