General Fraternity

Paris 2016

In 2016, Quai 36 joined forces with the General Fraternity movement at the initiative of Abdennour Bidar and Fabienne Servan-Schreiber. After the attacks of 2015, the founders wanted to not only pay homage to the victims but also give the urban space new value accompanied by a strong message: Let's unite! An ambition that is also reminiscent of one of the three pillars of the French motto: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

Quai 36 included urban art for the Fraternity on many walls in France and in overseas territories, and closely collaborated with companies, cultural institutions, many urban artists and street art collectives: Reunion island with Jace, Bayonne with Monkey Bird, Bordeaux with the association Transfert, Lyon with NKDM, Montpellier with Zest, Lurcy-Lévis with Kevin, Chanoir, Costwo, Lizzy & Zweg and Lille with the Renart collective among others.

In Massy, ​​the trio: Djamel Oulkadi, Arnaud Kool and Kashink took over the worksite palisade of 129 housing units owned by the real estate group Emerige and Paris Sud Aménagement in order to share the values of the French Republic ​​such as living together, fraternity and tolerance.

In the 18th arrondissement in Paris and in partnership with the Institute of Islamic Cultures, the artist Tarek Benaoum shed light on the topic of exile, through portraits of Berber women from the 19th century and a passage from a poem by Pablo Neruda.

All these projects shared a common goal: to offer as many moments of enthusiasm and fraternity through urban art as possible, accessible to all.

The partner

The partner

Photo: Corto Vaclav, Raphaël Fanelli

These artworks were visible, for instance, on the Place du Grand-Ouest in Massy-Palaiseau.

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