Green Sheds

Pantin 2023

As part of the construction project for the Green Sheds residence in Pantin, OGIC collaborated with artist Pat Perry and urban art production company Quai 36 to bring an artistic dimension to the project, which resonates with the industrial history of the Pantin region. This work of art, created in symbiosis with the ongoing construction site, offers an artistic narrative that enriches the daily experience of passers-by and residents alike.

Designed like a comic strip, the work by American artist Pat Perry is inspired by archival images integrated into a decorative floral and plant frame. Using the drawing techniques and soft tones of the city's old industrial posters, this creation recalls the transformation of the landscape and highlights the evolution of urban architecture. These industrial scenes bear witness to the former Werts and Marchal factories and pay homage to twentieth-century buildings, while highlighting the architectural continuity proposed by the new Green Sheds residence.

Pat Perry aims to take the people of Pantin on a journey, offering an optimistic vision of new urban perspectives where ecological values and sustainability are at the heart of the project.

The partner

Photo: © Julie Montel

This creation can be seen at Place Jules Boukobza, 93500 Pantin, at the intersection of rue Paul Bert & rue Gambetta.

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