Îlot Fauvelles

Courbevoie 2022

Artist Daniel Chazme brings his unique touch to the Îlot Fauvelles project with a mural subtly influenced by Art Deco in Courbevoie. The city supports artistic creation by facilitating the display of original works in public spaces for everyone's enjoyment. The mural presented by Quai 36 becomes part of the city's year-round outdoor exhibition program.

Daniel Kalinski, also known as Chazme 718, was born in Switzerland in 1980. His architectural background heavily influences his work: the artist observes the city, which is replicated in his pieces using solids and abstract geometries that give life to utopian architectural structures. For Chazme 718, it's crucial that the artwork integrates with its surroundings, employing geometric shapes and striving to follow the original building's form.

"I wanted to highlight urban structures in the form of hypnotic mazes. These labyrinths of modern architecture evoke the intense dynamics of the cities we inhabit. I merge rigid geometry with poetic scenarios in order to offer, more than a mere urban landscape, a tangible vision of the life, atmosphere, and soul of these places." - Chazme

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