Entract’ architectural project

La Garenne-Colombes 2020

"Abstract Pattern" - Poter

As part of the Entract' architectural project led by real estate developer Pitch Promotion with the City of La Garenne-Colombes, Quai 36 invited French artist Poter to artistically accompany the construction phase.

Reflecting on the project closely intertwined with the Théâtre de La Garenne adjacent to the construction site and its architecture inspired by the emblematic Art Deco Movement, the artist imagined a fresco which vibrant colors and geometry articulated in harmony, offers residents and passers-by the experience of a 100 m² painting which can be read as a stroll through the heart of the city.

"Because of its lengthy format, I designed this fresco like a musical score : it has a linear rhythm, like a red thread, but with a few accidents here and there, a bit like the improvisations that can be found in a jazz score. Everything is sequenced, structured, but at the same time, things are happening, it's dancing within! I really like the imposing and monumental side of this building site façade. I always find it impressive to be in front of an artwork and to be caught up in it." Poter

Accompanied by an assistant, the artist completed the fresco "Abstract Pattern" in only 4 days, using both acrylic paint and aerosol sprays.

The fresco will be visible during the construction period until the end of 2021 at 22 Avenue de Verdun 1916, 92250 La Garenne-Colombes.

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Photo: © Mathis Jaulhac & Jonathan Pasi

This artwork was visible on the construction site until this of 2021 at 22 Avenue de Verdun 1916 in La Garenne-Colombes.

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